Who We Are

Developing steelwork shop drawings has been our core business for over two decades, as Steelcad Drafting based in Brisbane. We were one of the earlier adopters of BIM technology, starting out in the late 90's with Tekla Structures. We have developed many customised tools to enhance workflows not only within Tekla but also across platform in order to develop gains with data harvesting which enables us to create a higher level of communication via digital mechanisms.

We have seen the need to draw focus to the work we have created in the BIM space and separate it from the Shop Detailing business with a view to highlight many of the innovative possibilities BIM can bring to any business in the AEC or construction industries.

Coming from a Shop Detailing background, we understand the importance of detail and how critical it is to manage well. BIM obviously is about generating a 3D model but what is equally important for that model is the data in the background making up the story behind what is seen visually. From project status reporting to model management and manipulation, information can be used as trigger points to deliver results digitally.


What We Do

We offer a range of consulting services which facilitate BIM and design workflows. Jackson Roxborough is the technology and innovation arm of Steelcad Drafting. With a presence in the BIM space for over 15 years and developing close working relationships with builders and consultants, we have developed a wide range of BIM tools and processes to close the gap between those technical boundaries.


BIM is made to look simple by salespeople, but it is far from simple in practice. Developing new systems and workflows takes time, thought, technical ability, creativity and not to forget an understanding of processes. Digital information can't just flow randomly from one discipline to the next, it must be structured to best suit the workflows of those sharing data.
We have spent many years listening to the needs of others in the AEC industry and contractors to develop a suite of BIM tools to enhance the way we interact and deliver projects.

We develop Systems, Workflows and Tools to deliver outcomes with the MacLeamy curve in mind - as shown below:


“We wish to commend Jackson Roxborough Pty Ltd on their efforts promoting BIM technology and BIM awareness throughout the Construction industry. Their advanced knowledge of 3D Cad systems, data file transfer and the structural steel industry in general makes them leaders in their field.”

Paul McLeod
Structures Division Manager

BuildingPoint Australia Tekla Structures Reseller