02-07-2012 – Trip to Tekla Finland.

I was fortunate enough to take a month off and mix a holiday with a couple of business trips.

The first leg of my journey was to go to Helsinki and meet with Paul McLeod and Aiden Battenally from Pacific Computing http://www.pacificcomputing.com/  for the purpose of going to Tekla HQ and meet with a few Tekla staff.

A sort taxi trip to Tekla office and we were met by Johanna Hornborg (Marketing Manager) and her colleague Juan Rodriguez (Application Manager), who kindly both gave us the grand tour of the office, 3 or 4 floors dedicated to the ongoing development of Tekla Structures.

After  a few hours of being shown around we were met by Lassi Liflander (Interoperability Specialist) Lassi is the guy who heads up IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) at Tekla and has been to Australia many times giving presentations on this topic. IFC is something that I have been involved with and have delivered many presentations to industry on its application in Steel Detailing production.

Lassi informed us that IFC 2×4, the next release will be officially out sometime in the near future. Apparently there will be many new features in this and hopefully will be of benefit to all that utilise this format in production.

I was also keen to hear if anything was being done in relation to “Open BIM” or BIM servers. I didn’t really receive any clarity on this topic, which was a surprise to me. One of the most important things that’s needed by the industry is a means of pulling models together in a central repository. Open BIM is something written about a lot, however a working solution is something of interest.

It was interesting to hear Lassi say that IFC was the interoperability format of choice for Tekla, even to the point of IFC being used for CNC machined over and above DSTV. This is a positive step forward, one standard format for the entire supply chain.



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