23-07-2012 – ECPPM Conference (9th European Conference on Product and Process Modelling)

In Reykjavik Iceland the 9th ECPPM conference was held. It’s an event held biannually on the topic of BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The conference was held over three days, with the opening session being greeted by the President of Iceland himself, who talked about all things technological and Iceland’s move to clean energy.

There were a variety of speakers over the three days, most of the professors and Doctors in Information Technology specialising in the construction industry. The difficulty was selecting the presentations to attend as many of interest to me were staged at the same time.

It’s a long way to go for a conference; however the focus of this seminar was mainly on the topic of  IFC format, which is a format of particular interest to me.

I found many of the people I spoke to very open to discussion, both on their research specialities and to comments I made regarding industry and putting into practice some of the processes on discussion at the conference.

The conference was very professional and all went smoothly. All papers issued by the speakers were documented into a text book which will be a useful reference tool in the future.

I have now discovered the extent of the determination in the IT world there is to a working “Open BIM” solution. There was much discussion on this topic and healthy debate over various possibilities on how to achieve it. Im very motivated to get some testing under way with regard to BIM Servers.


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