BIM Collaboration 2013

In February I delivered a presentation on BIM collaboration with my Engineer friend and IFC testing partner, Brett Taylor of Bornhorst and Ward.

Refer to this for the flyer: Flyer-v3

Leif Granholm opened the presentation with a Tekla insight and an overview of the DRUM project, read more here:

I can only hope that we were able to convey real practical examples of workflow using 3D models between an Engineer and Steel Detailer.

We took this a step further with demonstrations of a 3D design review process using Navisworks that we have developed. See more here:

Round Tripping and IPD – 3D Design Review

After our presentation Leif turned to me and said – the basis of some of what Brett and I had discussed was what the DRUM project was all about. I was thrilled to hear this from him.

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