BIM in practice 2013

I attended this seminar in Surry Hills Sydney this February. It was a two day seminar covering a range of topics BIM related however not a great deal of practical examples were shown for my liking.

I have to admit, I have a great respect for John Mitchell, he is passionate and dedicated to the cause; to attempt to facilitate change in the construction industry. Not an easy job being in the mix with such a conservative industry.

Attached is a copy of the line-up. 1-Program_BIM

Some of the topics which interested me were:

  • The National BIM Strategy
  • How to Achieve Open Communication from Conception to Post Build
  • A New System Architecture for OpenBIM: BIM based Process, Benefits, and Opportunities
  • BIM from a Contractors Point of View: Model Based Construction
  • Why Clients Shouldn’t Pay a Cent Extra for BIM!

I may be bias as a Tekla user, but spending time over a few days with Leif Granholm made me realise just how progressive this company is. The concept of the DRUM project really tackles the concept of BIM Servers and integration head on. I wish them all the success in making this work.

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I can’t help but think that BIM is becoming somewhat of a dirty word in the industry – a little too much talk and not a great deal of action. I was hoping to see a greater attendance and more builders and owners as I believe these are the ones who need to know about this stuff. Perhaps im naïve..

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