BIM Symposium 2017 Sydney

Strategic Outcomes with BIM 03-08-2017 Sydney This was one of the most interesting BIM seminars I have attended. There was no pedalling of BIM wash what so ever, the presenters were honest and up front with ideas and experiences. Even the not so good stories were aired and it appeared everyone had their guard down […]

IPD Workflow to Production reporting

We have embarked on a series of presentations to industry to show some of the workflow practices we have developed in house for managing IFC design deliverable. In previous blog posts I have explained the IPD workflow we have been using on projects where we work with Engineers and use their IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) […]

BIM Outreach Documents

Earlier this year I assisted in the development of the attached. If you are interested in any of the AIA’s BIM documents, follow these instructions: You can access it, and all the other documents in the ‘BIM Outreach’ set (which is a part of the larger BIM in Practice series) from this page – […]

Bris BIM – 23-04- 2013

Last night I attended the inaugural BrisBIM gathering which was held at the GHD office in Brisbane city. Clay Hickling of GHD addressed the evening and introduced four speakers: My BIM’s bigger than your BIM!, Franz Hein (Woods Bagot) Realising the advantages of BIM, Phil Calvert (A.G. Coombs) 5D: Today’s Workflow for Cost Certainty, Maoibh […]

BIM in practice 2013

I attended this seminar in Surry Hills Sydney this February. It was a two day seminar covering a range of topics BIM related however not a great deal of practical examples were shown for my liking. I have to admit, I have a great respect for John Mitchell, he is passionate and dedicated to the […]

Round Tripping and IPD – 3D Design Review

Round Tripping is a topic of interest but what does it mean? What are the benefits and why would one even consider it in terms of production efficiency? Round Tripping in a sense is the generating of information in one software platform, feeding it out into another and bringing it back in again. – And so on. Some […]

Jackson Roxborough gets a mention in the Engineer’s Australia magazine.

A project JR worked on with GHD in 2011, has been mentioned in the Engineer’s Australia Magazine (Article attached). This is the project which was featured in the Revit RTC presentation delivered by Phil Shanks and Brenden Picton in May 2012, see the post on that topic for more information. In a nut shell, the […]