BILT conference 2018 May Brisbane

Removing the BIM-Boozling effects from Collaboration I’m sure that most of the presentations delivered at BILT this week are showcasing the benefits to be had with BIM and highlighting some of the new fancy gizmos and processes currently available. Well, I want to take a different angle to all of this and start by telling […]

Early Engagement and IPD – From Design to Site

After a number of projects under our belt using a digital design delivery method – IFC files, I thought it was about time to stitch some of the possibilities together and de-mystify some of the technical aspects of process. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting with a builder this week to showcase some […]

Integrated Project Delivery

On the 27th on June 2013 I was one of the speakers out of a group of three, delivering a presentation on IPD. This was an event hosted by the ASI (Australian Steel Institute) with the aim of exposing to industry collaborative workflow methods to deliver greater efficiency to the steel construction industry. The other […]

How to Federate a Model

Brett Taylor and I delivered another presentation on integration between Revit and Tekla, however this time we took it a step further and showed off some of the possibilities which can be achieved by federating a model with data. We presented this at the June BrisBIM event which was held at QUT in Brisbane city, […]

BIM Collaboration 2013

In February I delivered a presentation on BIM collaboration with my Engineer friend and IFC testing partner, Brett Taylor of Bornhorst and Ward. Refer to this for the flyer: Flyer-v3 Leif Granholm opened the presentation with a Tekla insight and an overview of the DRUM project, read more here: I can only hope that we […]

IPD Video by JR

A few months ago our resident 3D Studio MAX guy (Jared) came up with this little video to show the transition from design to detailing. It shows in a creative way, what us Steel Detailers do with the design information developed by Engineers and Architects. It could be construed as the IPD evolution, when in […]

National Object Libraries

On the 8th of November I went along to a presentation delivered at QUT (QLD University of Technology) On Object Libraries. I went along not expecting to get much out of it as most of the BIM presentations I’ve attended really don’t give mush away to someone who has been working in BIM for 10 years or more. […]

Revit RTC conference 2012

On the 24th to the 26th of May 2012 the Revit RTC conference was held at the Novotel Wollongong.  This presentation was similar to the one I co presented in 2011 on the Gold Coast, however this time it was with Brenden Picton from GHD and it was about the same integration process spoken about […]

Revit RTC conference 2011

On the 26th to the 28th of May 2011 the Revit RTC conference was held at Jupiters Casino at the Gold Coast. I attended as a Co Presenter on a topic I’m all too familiar with – Revit and Tekla integration. Brett Taylor of Bornhorst and Ward was my presenting partner, Brett and I have […]