Commercial – Cultural Centre—Hervey Bay

Fraser Coast Cultural Centre—Hervey Bay


  • Project Year: 2012
  • Client: GHD
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • IPD Workflow: “Engaged by design consultant under minor consultant’s agreement”
  • Technical Aspects:
    • Started modelling work prior to any design documentation being completed.
    • IFC design delivery, complete with DWF models for connection detail notes.
    • Pre Shop drawing approval undertaken using IFC models.
  • Project Specifications:
    • Complex Roof Shape / Compound Angles – 2000 sq/m of floor space – Single Level
    • Catwalk – Steelwork

 Words from the Contractor:

“Structural steel is on the critical path now and thanks to the design value of having shop drawings

approved as part of contract documents we are ready to erect at least 60% of structure.

Typical design process with Build only contract. Based on executing contract date of 22.11.12 and then Sub contract procurement and letting of Structural steel supply and install package. PBS would of only have 90% of shop drawings complete and estimate around 60% approved by Client and at the best only 10% manufactured if lucky. So the benefits of completing the shop drawings up front will be a considerable factor on mitigating delays. (Wayne Ahrens, PBS)”


This project was used in a presentation delivered at the Revit RTC conference held in Wooloongong in 2012. The speakers were Phil Shanks from Steelcad and Brendan Picton or GHD and the topic of the presentation was labelled “Bridging the Divide” For more information, refer :