Integrated Project Delivery

On the 27th on June 2013 I was one of the speakers out of a group of three, delivering a presentation on IPD.

This was an event hosted by the ASI (Australian Steel Institute) with the aim of exposing to industry collaborative workflow methods to deliver greater efficiency to the steel construction industry.

The other speakers were Mark O’Loughlin (Steelink Industry Solutions) and Vince Williams (McVeigh Consultants). Michael McVeigh also gave a brief introduction before Mark spoke.

It was a half day event and the questions from those who attended showed that they took great interest in what was being shown.

We had spent months prior to the event preparing our presentations to make sure they delivered what we thought the audience would want to hear. My part, which was last, included a couple of live demonstrations using Navisworks and Iconstruct, to show the power of model based information when building a Federated model from one source file – IFC.

Im unable to release any slides as this may yet go national, refer to this link for the flyer of the event.

Some of the movies I ran as part of my presentation (developed by us) can be found on this site:

Refer ASI Newsletter Article for June: IPD in ASI

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