Jackson Roxborough gets a mention in the Engineer’s Australia magazine.

A project JR worked on with GHD in 2011, has been mentioned in the Engineer’s Australia Magazine (Article attached).

This is the project which was featured in the Revit RTC presentation delivered by Phil Shanks and Brenden Picton in May 2012, see the post on that topic for more information.

In a nut shell, the article outlines the benefits of using IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) on projects to deliver a cost effective and time saving outcome.

JR and GHD conducted much testing of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) interoperability between Revit and Tekla Structures prior to starting the project. Processes were developed to deal with revisions of the design IFC file and how it would be handled and used in Tekla.

The results speak for themselves, with the builder being very satisfied with the delivery and accuracy.

Read an extract of the article here: ENG-Aust-Article-Fraser-Coast1






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