Mining – Baralaba Coal

Baralaba Coal—QLD







  • Project Year: Nov 2014 – March 2015
  • Client: Sedgman Limited
  • Project Type: Mining – Conveyors and Plate work
  • IPD Workflow:
  • Technical Aspects:
    • Started modelling work with limited design documentation.
    • IFC design delivery, for most parts of the project an ACIS.dwg and an SDNF file were       supplied, along with 2D design drawings.
    • Pre Shop drawing approval undertaken using IFC models and Navisworks.
  • Project Specifications:

288m of conveyor, comprising of reclaim tunnel steelwork, low level modules, ground   modules and trusses. One Product Transfer conveyor (256m) + One Train loadout conveyor (32m).
46 tonnes of TLO bin, the bin being cylindrical to a conical outlet and feed to conveyor. Lined with conical 3CR12 linded, straked and plug welded to the bin wall.
A series of small to medium chutes and hoppers of varying complexity:
4.6 tonnes – TLO Head chute
0.47 tonnes – Truck Receival transfer chute
3.3 tonnes – Stacker transfer chute
11.8 tonnes – Truck Receival Hopper


  • Total Steelwork Tonnage: 191 t
  • Total Handrail ‘Meters’: 452 l/m
  • Cold Rolled ‘Meters’: 695 l/m
  • Grating: 369 SQm
  • Mesh Guards: 136 SQm




We were engaged by Sedgman to work in an IPD framework, whereby collaboratively we would deliver Sedgman Shop Detail dwgs and reports earlier than could be expected under traditional workflow methods. Material reports were used in the Tender process to give a more accurate representation of the steelwork tonnage and precast sq/m, in order for the builder to obtain sharper pricing from subcontractors.