National Object Libraries

On the 8th of November I went along to a presentation delivered at QUT (QLD University of Technology) On Object Libraries.

I went along not expecting to get much out of it as most of the BIM presentations I’ve attended really don’t give mush away to someone who has been working in BIM for 10 years or more.

This presentation turned out to be one of the most interesting I have attended.

The group at QUT and Project Services QLD have developed a web based library for storing product information. That information can be imported into software packages like Revit and Archicad for the purpose of building design models with up to date accurate product information.

The model information is translated into the design software package in its own native language, so that when the object appears, it behaves as it should.

They have put a lot of thought into the concept, so much so it really generated a lot of interest from those who attended and many questions were asked.

There is talk about setting this up for other 3D modelling software in the construct industry other than Revit and Archicad, this will bring a wider range of benefit to the industry as a whole when it is finally launched for public use.

This was truly an inspiring concept to see, the live demonstration worked faultlessly and the logic and ease of use was impressive.

I really hope that this will get the funding that’s needed to launch it and put it in the hands of every 3D modeller / Designer in the country. Good luck!

SBENRC_Project_3 1_A3_brochure_FINAL_FOR_PRINT1 (2)


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