Revit RTC conference 2011

On the 26th to the 28th of May 2011 the Revit RTC conference was held at Jupiters Casino at the Gold Coast.

I attended as a Co Presenter on a topic I’m all too familiar with – Revit and Tekla integration.

Brett Taylor of Bornhorst and Ward was my presenting partner, Brett and I have spent many years testing IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) in and out of Revit and Tekla. The aim of the presentation was to show how this process could be used practically in the Structural Steel industry.

Brett lead the presentation with a Powerpoint presentation, which stepped through the various processes an Engineer using Revit takes to get to the point of document delivery. He outlined some of the negative aspects which we all face as a result of the fragmented nature of the industry; One such aspect was the misalignment of models after Detailing had been completed. Brett explained how Revit is able to export an IFC model which can be used for the purpose of Steel Detailing.

This is where I stepped in and showed in a live Tekla demonstration how it is possible to reference into Tekla an IFC file as a reference object and by using the Tekla Object converter, convert select elements into steel elements.

If a Design model is guaranteed for member size and placement and supplied in IFC format, Steel Detailers are able to use these in Tekla Structures as a means to Detail the steelwork. The selected elements, beams, columns etc, can be converted into Tekla recognised elements for the purpose of connecting and Detailing.

Delivering such a presentation is exciting and the reward is the audience reaction at the end. Plenty of questions were asked and a positive reaction to the process.

Refer to the attached document which is an extract of the presentation.

Check this link out for an extract of the paper: How Revit Models Can Be Used in Tekla to Produce Shop Drawings





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