Tekla BIM Tools

We have developed a suite of Tekla applications which are used productively in the daily operations within Steelcad Drafting - Applications such as:

Checking App (Model Based)
This workflow manager tracks the development of model objects as they progress from entry LOD parts to LOD 400.
Data is attributed to parts and assigned for review by staff, colour representations are also used to visualise the workflow.

Drawing Manager (Drawing Based)
This is another workflow manager developed for Tekla, however it is designed to track and enter data as drawings are developed from start to completion. Information is attributed to drawings and also model parts related to drawings, in order to develop a complete story of the status of a model - from model based information to drawing development.

These tools mentioned are only a small fraction of the applications we have developed. If the specific nature of the applications are of interest, contact us to see what we can do to help streamline your business workflows.